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At A Biomedical Service, we are open to addressing any questions, concerns or needs our valuable healthcare clients have. With a team of friendly customer representatives, we to provide you reliable and accurate information about the biomedical services we offer, whenever you need them.

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We understand that when you are looking for biomedical services for your medical practice, you also expect customer service of the highest quality, at all times! Unlike others in the industry, A Biomedical Service focuses on providing customers with the assistance they deserve. This is why we are available to serve you 24/7!

If you are interested in our services and want to learn more about how they can help you manage and maintain your medical equipment, feel free to contact us at +1-800-910-1422 today! Our customer representatives are friendly, and will guide you with a smile.

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However, if you prefer a more personal approach, you can also stop by our office, which is located at 3209 N Marks, street 102 Fresno CA 93657, to have a chat with one of our customer representatives. Our doors are always open for our healthcare clients, and we look forward to serving you with the high quality service and customer support you deserve.