Laboratory Service

Whether you are operating a laboratory at a hospital or your own facility, our highly skilled and qualified lab specialists know exactly how important it is to keep your laboratory equipment running smoothly at its optimal level. After all, proper care cannot be administered to patients without your laboratory equipment being in top shape!

At A Biomedical Service, we can help you keep your hardware up and running as we provide comprehensive maintenance services for all kinds of laboratory equipment. From peristaltic pumps to spectrophotometers, rest assured we have everything to provide you the results you can count on.

Annual Service Contracts

Full Repair Coverage Plus Periodic Maintenance-If you require total coverage for your laboratory equipment, A Biomedical service offers annual service contracts. Since our technicians have the expertise to work on multiple instruments from various vendors, we provide full repair coverage, which includes one or more periodic maintenance visitors, depending on your needs.

Periodic Inspection and Replacement

The Most Economic Approach!
If you are working within a strict budget, and yet want your laboratory equipment to be inspected on a regular basis, you will be glad to know A Biomedical Service follows procedures that mirror those of the OEM and will inspect and replace parts, only when they are absolutely needed.

Depot Repair Service

For Smaller Equipment
When it comes to smaller equipment, we offer a depot repair service option for your convenience. For a specific fee, our team of technicians will first evaluate the reason of equipment failure, and provide basic repairs.

OEM Periodic Maintenance

For Laboratories that Require More
Some laboratories follow stringent requirements for periodic maintenance, and require it to be performed precisely as stated by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Therefore, rather than only inspecting and replacing parts as required, our technicians will also replace all OEM-stated parts. These tools are validated annually by conducting analytical testing wherever applicable.

Get in Touch

For more information about our laboratory service, feel free to contact us at +1-800-910-1422. Our customer representatives are friendly, and will guide you through with a smile!