Medical Imaging Service

Are you an imaging and radiology professional in need of maintaining your biggest investment: your medical imaging equipment? At A Biomedical Service, we have the expertise to handle all kinds of imaging equipment, extend their life to a maximum level and ensure the safety of your staff and patients.

Imaging equipment does malfunction, usually at the most inconvenient times. In fact, just a few hours of lost productivity can end up costing you thousands of dollars! Our highly trained and skilled technicians deliver reliable imaging services that bring your healthcare institution value and can maintain and repair your imaging equipment, regardless of their make and model.

Equipment Appraisal

Whether you are interested in knowing the current market value of your imaging equipment, or are simply looking to assess repair and damage costs, A Biomedical Service has just the solution you need. We offer appraisal services for all applications and manufacturers of medical imaging equipment. Upon your phone call, our appraiser will visit your office at your convenience, evaluate your imaging equipment, and provide you a formal appraisal report.

Preventative Maintenance

Our company houses a highly qualified team of service technicians to maintain almost any kind of machinery in your imaging department. We can perform general service, preventative maintenance and yearly routine calibration, depending on your needs and convenience. With us by your side, rest assured your imaging equipment will function efficiently all year round!


Your medical imaging equipment can function without any glitches and problems if it’s monitored on a regular basis. However, being a healthcare provider, it’s likely that patients end up taking most of your time. Putting one of our technicians on the payroll can help, as they will monitor your equipment for you, affecting your bottom-line in a positive way.

Customized Services

More often than not, healthcare providers have to work within strict budgets. At A Biomedical Service, we understand the problems you have to face. That’s why we scale our services according to the unique requirements of our valued healthcare clients. Our technicians have the experience to install and repair all kinds of imaging hardware, such as x-ray rooms from a variety of brands.

Get in Touch

For more information about our medical imaging services, feel free to contact us at +1-800-910-1422. Our customer representatives are friendly and will guide you through with a smile!