A Biomedical Service is your one-stop shop for medical equipment service, repair and maintenance. We offer innovative and reliable biomedical services to optimize the lifecycle of your medical equipment. It doesn’t matter what kind of medical equipment you work with, we can keep them running and patients happy.

However, at times even the best medical equipment can malfunction from everyday use, causing downtime and loss of productivity. Although minor issues can be repaired immediately at a cost that is not burdensome, repairs sometimes take longer. It all depends on the severity of the problem!

If replacements parts are needed, your repair bill could be a lot higher. At A Bio Medical Service, we understand that not everyone can afford expensive repairs, and therefore offer service contracts for repair of a wide range of medical equipment. If your medical equipment has broken down, it is likely that you are already aware of the high costs of manufacturer-approved parts.

By offering service contracts, we aim to help healthcare institutions across the US avoid these unexpectedly high bills! All you have to do is deal with us via service contracts, and you will be covered the next time your equipment needs repairs and maintenance. Now, isn’t that convenient?

We also have maintenance contracts that get you huge discounts when you have maintenance done by us every year. As far as service quality is concerned, our highly skilled and experienced technicians are backed by a large inventory of tools and certified replacements parts, so you can expect top-quality work from us.

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